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Hor Fun

by R&J Cosy Corner (Zi Zai Vegetarian)


4.60 (4)

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4 October 2020
🥘 I am always in search of a great vegan Hor Fun (stir fried broad

rice noodles).
🥘 The Mixed style is most prevalent with green vegetables, carrots & the rest of the ingredients is up to the chef.
🥘 The chefs at R&J added green veggie, button mushrioms, red carrots, bean curd & mock fish cakes.
🥘 A good dish has wok hey, a smokiness thaf comes from controlling the fire. The R&J chef do it well. They are one of my top 3 choices for Hor Fun.
🥘 A secret...overnight Hor Fun is nicer as the noodles soak up all the flavour! The more mushy it is upon reheating, the yummier!
🥘 Hor Fun is one of my many comfort food!
🥘 S$4.50
💖 Day5 #veganisnotscary
#horfun #noodles #stir-fry #comfortfood #localfood #supportsg #supportlocal #supportlocalbusiness

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I like it simple with some greens, carrots, mushrooms, tofu.. got Wok Qi 鍋氣 that

made it delicious 😋 Quite a big portion. If don't eat much, can share between 2 and add a dish or soup.

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This is size small and I found it hard to finish lol. Really worth the

price for $4.50. Has some wok hey, not too starchy and most importantly not salty! There's slices of konjac balls and mock abalone. Zi Zai does not use egg in their dishes and states clearly on which dishes have milk, which makes ordering simpler!

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