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The One With The Pesto

by Purezza - Vegan Pizza Camden


4.52 (26)

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29 October 2021
By far the best pizza I’ve had at Purezza!

I normally prefer a tomato base but this had a perfect balance of flavours. The pesto was creamy and herby, the balsamic glaze was sweet and the sundried tomatoes set it over the edge. Would definitely order this one...

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9 May 2022
Forse la più buona di tutte: veramente eccezionale!

La “mozzarella” sta benissimo sia con le zucchine che con il pesto. Approvatissima!

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22 August 2022
The grass looks greener on the other side, they say.

It certainly did on this occasion, as my usually omnivorous colleague plumped for this otherworldly #pesto #pizza 😋 I don't even know how it's possible that they combine so much umami, saltiness, and sweetness into a couple of tablespoons of the good stuff, but I know that it dovetailed perfectly with the strips of roasted #courgette and the #sundriedtomatoes 😋 I'm glad that we traded slices 😀

Fun fact: rather than slice everything up for you, Purezza assigns you the fun and serves your order up with a pizza knife wheel ☺️

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6 June 2022
The stunnin @rhiannondiamxnd treated me to a meal here for my 21st and I really

enjoyed the visit, they have so many interesting options! This pizza was bloody delicious, I loved the sourdough and the pesto base was actually divine. They put on a generous amount of lovely gooey mozzarella too, as well as some parmesan crumb and the balsamic glaze was just the cherry on top!

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29 June 2021
I love pesto so I thoroughly enjoyed this pizza!

I also got crumbled sausage as an extra topping (it was delicious) and a garlic dip to pair!

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12 June 2022
Lovely dough and perfectly cooked.

The pesto per se wasn't my favourite, it was a bit heavy so would probably try something else next time

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13 June 2022
Anything with pesto and balsamic glaze I love so this was right up my alley.

The pesto base was lovely and complimented well with the cheese. The sun dried tomato and balsamic glaze added a nice touch as well.

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9 July 2021
Really enjoyed this pizza!

The sourdough base is impressive and the vegan mozzarella has a really great texture. I love purezza as it is totally vegan but definitely somewhere for omnivores as well as people who are plant based as the quality of food is so good!

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3 November 2021
Delicious pizza with lovely creamy pesto instead of tomato sauce, the toppings were all really

good, I'd definitely get it again! The Manchester Purezza is an awesome place as well!


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