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Purezza is a not-to-be-missed all vegan Italian restaurant in the Camden neighborhood of London. Their

dough is made fresh daily and matured for 48 hours using an organic wholegrain flour. They use a range of organic toppings, including their Italian tomatoes and mozzarella. This pizza was off the charts! And without a doubt my best meal in London so far. Their pizza is always wood-fired,🔥 and this particular pizza is topped with a creamy white base instead of red sauce. The toppings include molten cheese, wild forest mushrooms, semi-dried tomatoes, BBQ pulled porketta and balsamic glaze. This restaurant has a very nice ambiance with relaxed, dim lighting. I love dim lighting, but it doesn’t always make for the best photos. Just trust me on this, run here if you find yourself near one of their five locations in the UK!
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I do really love this pizza but it isn't the best on the menu! The

pulled barbecue jackfruit pieces were succulent and flavoursome and the white base was generous with masses of vegan cheddar. I had the gluten free base this time around which I really enjoyed, it was squishy and a little tough but amazing considering 🍕 #veganin2020

Gave this one star on taste. Didn't enjoy it at all; the white sauce tasted

strange almost sweet right off the bat and became sickening very quickly. The vegan chicken pieces that were on some parts of it were dry and had a weird texture, reminding me of this vegan chicken alternative from Sainsbury's that I didn't enjoy either.

Been dying to try out Purezza, but there isn't one near me. Finally gave it

a go last month whilst I was in London for Incineration fest and it didn't disappoint! Friendly staff and the pizza was indulgent, filling and the vegan cheese used is one of the best I've had. Chose the hemp base for something a bit different and it's earthy taste complimented the mushrooms really well and elevated the flavours. My only complaint would be the base is a little too thin and the cheese is really oozey, so the toppings kept trying to slide off and it was really messy to eat (I got it everywhere 😅) Look forward to going again later in the year!

Purezza is the best place for pizzas full stop but vegan pizzas even more so

😊 100% vegan, authentic, delicious, beautiful flavours that nowhere else can compete with. Meat lovers couldn't complain about this if they tried. Perfect dough, tasty unique toppings, lovely base and jus the right amount of yummy cheese. My favourite restaurant hands down!

This pizza was a banger. The dough has a lively stone baked flavour, it's thin

in the centre with a thick airy crust. I recommend dipping the crust in their basil mayo! There was plenty of melty cheese and the toppings were good. I preferred the flavour of the truffle pizza, but I think that's due to taste preferences.

This topping combination was absolutely out of this world! 🍕 The texture of the pulled

pork had a good ‘bite’ to it (it kinda reminded me of Linda McCartney pulled meat products), the wild mushrooms were juicy and wonderful and the glaze was gorgeous to top it off with. I highly recommend! The pizza base itself is brilliantly fresh and excellent with the dipping pots. I can’t wait to go back here one day!

I can't recommend this pizza enough. The pulled BBQ pieces are marinated to perfection and

go perfectly with the mushrooms. The sundried tomatoes add little bursts of flavour, all on top of a melted cheddar base! So so yummy. 🍄

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