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Most helpful reviews

If you want to start your day with your taste buds buzzing, this is the

breakfast for you. Syrupy, cinnamon flapjacks with coconut cream and nut butter dips. Your mind will be fooled into thinking its dessert - always a good thing.


Delicious flapjacks with coconut blossom sugar and cinnamon; macadamia nut butter and whipped coconut cream

on the side. Yum. #greyton

They were dry and tasteless and heavy. I poured coconut cream over and added some

fresh sweet strawberries & blueberries. Adding nut butters didn't really do much. #greyton

Flapjacks are thick, yet light and fluffy. They arrive piping hot from the pan with

coconut cream and macadamia nut butter - perfection #greyton

These flapjacks are to die for! Soft and fluffy, served with coconut cream and macadamia

nut butter. Delicious! #greyton

Flapjacks served with peanut butter and cream 🤤the combo is just perfect ✨

Very yummy flapjacks with delicious coconut cream and macadamia butter. A very filling and healthy


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