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Veganuary 2024 special, but apparently extended till February 2024! 💚 The burger came stacked with

caramelised shiitake and oyster mushrooms in teriyaki sauce, pickled red onions, purple cabbage slaw, and vegan mayonnaise~ 🍔 To me, the star of the show was actually the battered portobello mushroom fries which were THICC, crunchy, juicy, and surprisingly not greasy! 🍄🍟 Served with a simple salad consisting solely of wild rocket leaves 🥬 Personally would have liked the addition of a few cherry tomatoes or a sprinkle of mixed seeds or something, but regardless I appreciated the greens! 🥗 (Contains alliums, $19) #sgvegan #veganoptions #burger #veganburger #wholefoodplantbased #wfpb

This wasn’t on their main menu but on their specials
Generous with the #mushroom ,

but the ones as the patty were not fried so i find it a bit soggy n mushy.It was mixed together with the slaw like salad. Perhaps I was just expecting a fried greasy patty as comfort food. The mix of the teriyaki flavour and the slaw was nice. The #portobellomushrooms served on the side was battered and friend so tht was more pleasant.

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