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  • Apple & Cinnamon Blondie

Apple & Cinnamon Blondie

by Privé Wheelock


4.29 (15)

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14 December 2021
Super yums, my favorite dessert at Privé but you must love super sweet to enjoy

that. Its very moist with the apples inside and nice flavour with the cinnamon. #veganisnotscary

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the vanilla nice cream was so rich and creamy 😍 and the blondie was pretty

big and thick! generous chunks of apple and the blondie was soft and chewy. gula melaka and chocolate sauce may be on the sweet side for some though but this is a great treat for vegans and non vegans alike!

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Got this to-go and passed the staff my reusable box but didn’t expect them to

return with a separate disposable sauce container and a disposable coffee cup for the ice cream... Now I know how many containers I should bring next time haha.

Besides that the ice cream texture was almost sticky and super creamy, though it didn’t have a strong vanilla taste. No coconut taste at all which is great for me :D Didn’t expect the sauce to be gula melaka / coconut caramel though; would be great if there’s an option for normal vegan salted caramel :3

Loved the juicy, moist pieces of stewed apple scattered around in the dense, moist & cakey blondie, and how well the lil’ touch of crumble on top the blondie added another dimension of taste & texture to this dessert. Cinnamon taste is almost non-existent for non-cinnamon fans out there. The blondie was pretty huge too so the price ($9.60 takeaway / $10.50 dine-in) is actually ok as an occasional treat! #veganuary #sgeats #dessert

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$9! saving the best for the last because this was SO GOOD. a 9.5/10!! blondie

was served warm, and went so well with the ice cold nice cream:” because of the cinnamon and nice cream, it overall reminded me of banana bread, but the fudgier, more decadent version of it! the texture of the blondie was similar to a brownie. the little chunks of Granny Smith apples throughout added another texture and upped the entire flavour profile of the blondie!!! the best part would have to be the gula melaka crumbles though, so crunchy and was like being transported to dessert heaven HAHHAHHAA the gula melaka caramel was also pretty good!! everything went together extremely nicely, and surprisingly wasn’t overly sweet despite the gula melaka! it actually added a deeper flavour instead of sweetness which was amazing. the nice cream was also really creamy, and the taste of the banana was quite strong but we didn’t mind it! my sister said it would’ve been a 10/10 if there were some sea salt flakes to bring it to another level🥺 #veganisnotscary

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This is so delicious! Apple and cinnamon has a great flavor combination. I like that

they put the gula melaka on a separate container so you have control on the sweetness level. And the nice cream went well with everything. #abillionlove

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we asked for the caramel sauce to be served separately but i think the waiter

got confused and separated the ice-cream instead haha. anyway this was really great, can't believe it's vegan!! the blondie was very rich & dense with soft chunks of apple in it. paired nicely with the ice-cream. i rly loved the crunchy biscuit bits as well! but caramel sauce was a bit too sweet and had a very strong coconut taste.

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Super filling dessert this is! A great contrast of a warm Apple & Cinnamon Blondie

with an ice cream. The ice cream seemed less sweet compared to the Apple & Cinnamon with the Gula Melaka. A bit too filling portion and too sweet. Would be a better portion to share with another.

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This really hit all the sweet spots(and I have many, haha). The caramel sauce and

nice cream were delicious! The blondie itself had a very strong banana flavour (strangely) and that took away from the apple-cinnamony-ness but overall we really enjoyed this dessert!

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