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Most helpful reviews

Didn’t care much about the rice but really enjoyed the vegetable curry! It has eggplant,

mushrooms, potatoes, long beans, broccoli, carrots in this beautiful fragrant sauce that was both hearty and nutritious for our dinner! @liljuiceee agrees it’s good too! 👍🏻 #veganisnotscary

My all-time favorite! This was so creamy and bursting with flavor! Love all the vegetables

and it is best served with white rice. #crfsg

Delicious, and can feel the ground bits of the curry mixture, instead of a plain

smooth curry that you often get. Love the vegetable mix in it. Curry portion was big for one. But still managed to finish all the vegetables.

Came here especially for this on vday because my bf loves this dish. Love the

generous amount of veggies & heura chicken 💖

Very mild, not spicy at all. I liked the variety of veggies in it and

added heura chicken which is soy-based.

This didn’t taste like the Thai green curry at all and had this slightly unpleasant

coconut-ty aftertaste …. would not recommend

They don't charge extra for brown rice! #yissssss tons of vegetables, creamy and balanced taste.

Plenty of curry to submerge the rice with 😍

They forgot the order.
Came an hour late after we had almost finished eating other dishes.

it was such a big disappointment.nothing like "thai"
Felt stale especially the overcooked veggies in it.
I just finished it with great difficulty coz #foodwastage is a sin.
Not sure if its always like that or I was the chosen one.😏
Sigh 16sgd....😕😳

Haven’t had Thai curry for a while so I really enjoyed this. Curry was creamy

and hearty with loads of different veggies. Served with brown rice on the side.

Prive has easily become one of my favourite places for vegan food. The Thai Green

Vegetable Curry consists of broccoli, carrots, zucchini, okra, french beans, napa cabbage, eggplant, potatoes and bean curd. I added in their Heura “chicken” chunks for an additional $4 since my dad wanted to know what vegan chicken tastes like 😁. The green curry is really creamy and it comes with brown rice. Although it contains a lot of the “white strings” which i found really annoying (those strings commonly found in chilli sauces. someone please tell me what they are?)

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