Impossible™ Meatball Spaghetti

  • Is Impossible™ Meatball Spaghetti vegan? Yes! Impossible™ Meatball Spaghetti is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

Tomato ragout, basil

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Most helpful reviews

Meatball spaghetti- what a classic dish! Pasta was al dente. Meatballs were juicy. They use

impossible meat in this dish. Sauce was flavourful. Love this dish!

Lots of good options here for plant based eaters! My son had the spaghetti, the

other son had the teriyaki chicken free burger, and I had a salad and impossible meatballs. All very tasty!! 😋

I am so predictable lolol, I must go to a Privé whenever I hit Singapore


Solid four-star #pasta option, except for presentation because that flag warrants five 🤩 There was only a modest amount of root vegetables in the sauce, which itself perhaps wasn't as voluminous as I was hoping for. #spaghetti was decent, the Impossible #meatballs were a bit dry on the inside 😑 I'm [#]teambeyond sorry 🤭

If I had meals like this everyday perhaps I wouldn’t be #sickoftakeout but at S$21.50

that’s a hefty fee to pay 🙈 For a date night maybe? That said though this is an excellent meal! Even sitting out all day cause I order my meals in bulk 🙊 The meatballs were spectacular and doused in that rich #tomatosauce I barely tasted that meaty Impossible Foods aftertaste that I don’t enjoy too much. It’s a fairly generous serving too; Don’t let the sizing of the #takeout box fool you! This might be a repeat order, just as their katsu curry has become for me 😋

Great dish! The tomato sauce was yummy and tangy. And the al dente pasta was

perfect. The meatballs tasted like real meat! 🤯 This dish would have been perfect if there are more greens (rocket leaves on the side 👌✨) #veganin2020

I love this dish so much! Spaghetti and meatballs is one of my favourite foods,

and these Impossible meatballs are delicious. 😋 The pasta was also al dente which was perfect.


I quite enjoyed this!
Meatballs were HUGE, you get 4 and frankly it’s just the right

Tastes just like any bolognese, enjoyed the flavours and texture.
Even good reheated.
Would love if it were cheaper, but I still enjoyed it all!

Presentation looks kinda lame but at least it tastes good! The meatballs were really meaty

as expected and the sauce was delish! Though the dish got a little boring very quickly cause it’s mostly just sauce. #veganisnotscary

The Impossible is so meaty. My omnivore friend thought it was beef. The portion is

a bit small but well-spiced. #crf

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