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  • Very Berry Croissant

Very Berry Croissant

by Pret A Manger


4.27 (18)

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28 May 2021
I love a jam filled pastry so this filled the spot perfectly!

If you haven't tried this yet then you absolutely have to😍 #abillionturns3

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20 January 2023
Lovely vegan 🌱 pastry 🥐 with berries jam

Very easy plant based options to choose in Pret.

#veganlondon #veganuary #veganuk #animalsarefriendnotfood

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29 June 2020
Flaky pastry, five-fruit jam and a sprinkle of sugar on top.

Absolutely perfect!

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22 May 2021
This was so yummy and sweet!!

Really wakes you up in the morns, ready to smash the day!! Wooo!!!

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19 July 2021

£1.75, can't complain. I wish it had some custard and/or chocolate, but atleast it's another vegan option, and it's not 5x the price of the non-vegan equivalent.

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21 August 2020
I love this Berry Croissant from Pret!

The filling isn’t overly gloopy and is a nice sweetness to balance out the pastry. I could eat far too many of these guys 🤤

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31 January 2020
Tastes sweet just like jam really.

Nice pastry but not a croissant. More like a turnover. Also I got the free one so can't speak for value!

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22 January 2020
Really tasty!

Flaky with sweet jam, but not sickeningly sweet. Will have again :)

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13 February 2023
Pasta sfoglia farcita con marmellata ai 5 frutti di bosco e ripiegata, guarnita con granella

di zucchero a velo.


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16 October 2020
Pret making big moves with their ground breaking vegan pastries!

This croissant is super yummy 🥐 and literally tastes the same as the animal ingredient version. At the veggie prets they have changed all their pastries to a vegan recipe and my only wish is for them to change their recipes to vegan in every Pret, they literally taste the same and it will mean so many more people can eat them and more importantly will reduce the amount of animal suffering their company creates.

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