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Most helpful reviews

This is incredible. Best eaten hot and it’s super gooey, but I’ve had it

cold as well and it’s still amazing #willows

dark chocolate & almond butter cookie
Molto buono

Super yummy cookie (picture taken after a bite taken out of it). Has a yummy

saltiness (probably from the nut butter). Marked vegan.

Wow! Chewy, chocolaty, super tasty! I don't understand why all cookies aren't vegan... There is

really no excuse.

Molto meglio della brioche ai frutti rossi del giorno precedente

These cookies are divine! I’ve been waiting for a fresh cookie ever since going vegan

and these just are incredible, so rich, soft and crunchy the perfect cookie for a treat on your lunch break. There chai latte is the best on the high street it’s so creamy + bring your reusable cup and get some £ off. Pret are bringing more vegan option due to the demand so let’s keep wanting them delicious treats!

This cookie is incredible!! A lovely waitress at Pret gave me this for free to

try when I asked her about vegan options. I always look at their bakery with a slight feeling of lust waived as they have little to no vegan options, but when I was looking the other day I finally saw a little vegan symbol above this I thought it was too good to be true! This is melt in your mouth, hands down the best cookie I have EVER tasted, vegan or no. I have already been back for seconds! Initially I was worried it would be too rich and sickly but whilst it gives you chocolatey hit of your life it’s nothing short of perfection. This was still warm when I got it and has the perfect texture: slightly crispy on the outside and beautiful soft mildly gooey interior. It is gorgeous!

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