by Plant
4.62 (13)
  • Is Shawarma vegan? Yes! Shawarma is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Never disappoints. Love it 😍Filling and delicious. This was from the second branch in Camps

Bay and it’s exactly the same quality at the one in the CBD! #pigsnpaws

This was very tasty and filling. The sauce they give you is delicious and I

ended up pouring it over the salad, and then dipping my schwarma in the rest. I do find it weird that they call it a schwarma if it's actually just a wrap, but either way, it's good. The only thing I would change personally is to make the seitan a bit more crispy, it was very soft and didn't really add any texture to the food, which would have been nice. Otherwise no complaints and would definitely order it again.

Filling and satisfying. The seitan meat is delicious and lightly spiced and combined with the

salad and cashew sauce is a winner #veganin2020

My go-to lunch or dinner menu item when I eat at Plant!
Shawarma Wrap filled

with roasted seitan, paprika hummus, tomatoes, onions & salad, served with cashew cream and side of salad

Unfortunately I doesn’t look as appetising as I was anticipating it to but it does

taste delicious. ⁣

It’s filled with roasted seitan, paprika hummus, tomatoes, onions and salad.

I’d recommend as a lunch meal if like me you like to eat a lot of food. Not sure if it would be filling enough as a dinner. ⁣

I wanted to like this because I was excited to have vegan shawarma and I

like supporting vegan restaurants. Buuuuuut it was disappointing. A bit dry and not very flavourful, and the portion could have been bigger, especially for the price. Meh.

Wow so surprised! Great value for money and a delicious meal. First time I’ve tried

seitan as well! Great flavour!

As good as always! The shawarma is filling and delicious. Love the cashew cream that

comes with it 😋

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