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Shwarma Wrap

by Plant - Camps bay


4.90 (8)

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30 November 2020
The super meaty “Shawarma Wrap” from Plant at the Camps Bay branch.

This is one of my go-to meals.

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8 February 2021
This is definitely going to be my new alternative whenever I'm late for the

Plant Buffet 😍 incredibly tasty, fresh and filling.

Highly recommended 👏...

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4 November 2020
The entire meal was vegan - like every other item on the menu at Plant which

is really nice. The taste was incredible and it might just be my new favorite at this restaurant!

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29 December 2019
Very meaty seitan filled wrap with paprika hummus and salad #greyton

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26 September 2020
Great tasting especially as I’m normally apprehensive about seitan.

This one was very soft. A bit meaty for my liking but that was just a personal thing

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19 January 2021
My favourite item on the menu.

I always order mine with a side of freshly chopped chilli. Beautifully balanced, and the coleslaw side is the perfect accompaniment.

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17 June 2021

Very meaty texture. Filling and completely mouth watering

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27 August 2020
First time trying Seitan and I really enjoyed it!

This wrap is delicious 😍

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