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  • Pasta Primavera Ala Mani
  • Pasta Primavera Ala Mani

Pasta Primavera Ala Mani

by Pizza Fabbrica


3.75 (4)

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3 January 2021
A very fresh fettuccine bolognese🥰 and a decent portion too

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First the good: the sauce was appropriately meaty by way of Impossible though it was

lacking a touch of salt and maybe a little more acidity. I am however rating this poorly as the pasta was aggressively overcooked to the point where it was soggy and had the texture of baby food. If you’re an Italian restaurant and you can’t cook pasta properly then maybe just stick to pizzas and call it a day. I like that there is a vegan option but the kitchens have got to do better than this.

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Pretty basic dish. The fettuccine was a little over cooked. Wouldn't really come back here

unless there isnt space at any other vegan friendly places at Arab St. The owner (or manager) is kind of rude, spoilt the vibe!

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