Garlic Pita

by Pita Bakery
4.43 (12)
  • Is Garlic Pita vegan? Yes! Garlic Pita is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

The garlic is lovely, sweet and subtle here. The pita is light and fluffy. It’s

basically brilliance on bread. Goes beautifully with their yummy hummy, and we included a salad too.

Got garlic, Za’atar and plain whole wheat pita they were all so lovely!!

(the left one) the garlic flavour was subtle and not that strong which worked out

good as the other dips and pastes are all so flavourful :D

Really tasty garlic pita! Light and fluffy yet full of flavour 😋

$2.20! they heated it up before serving so it was served steaming hot:D actually quite

good and garlic taste was appropriately strong! super fluffy pita😍

(The pieces without the green)

Fragrant taste & smell of roasted garlic on soft and

fluffy pita :’)

Cant go wrong with garlic pita. Yummy, hot, & crusty

Tbh I can't really taste the difference as garlic taste was subtle but it is

what it is. Baked fresh, super warm and yummy.

Super tasty.if you are a garlic fan this is a must try.

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