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Most helpful reviews

They finally have dine-in again 🤩 Frikkin finally cause I’m so #sickoftakeout 🥡 Nothing beats

the atmosphere of their shop, or any of the other vegan restaurants in Penang 😗 @synthwave0470 and I went for a couple ala carte dishes instead of individual meals; It’s more #abillionhacks friendly that way 😉 It’s steamed vegetables, so the only thing notable about it is that their baby corn was absolutely fantastic 👌 #veganisnotscary #tiledreview

What can I say… the #vegetables were boring and #unseasoned. The sauce on top was

strange and didn’t add any benefit to the dish. Besides that, it was cold. Steamed for me means that it’s warm, right? #blandfood

#Broccoli was not overcooked though, #corn was fine, #carrots weren’t steamed at all, they tasted raw. The #mushrooms in the center were okay. Rm13 wasted.

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