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t’s my first time trying #Penang style Hokkien Mee! I’m from Singapore, and growing up;

I’ve always enjoyed having two types of Hokkien Mee; the KL/JB Malaysian style Hokkien Mee that’s stir-fried in dark sauce and Singapore’s creamy yellow noodles & thick beehoon mixed Rochor Hokkien Mee, so I was intrigued to find out Penang has their version of Hokkien Mee, and it’s a soup dish!

Walking through busy Georgetown, I encountered many street food stalls advertising their signature traditional and authentic #HokkienMee, but I couldn’t have them because the broth is made with shrimp paste.

I was so excited when I found out Pinxin Vegan makes #vegan #Hokkien Mee, and I was blown away by the taste of it! The broth was full of #umami #seafood flavour; even my non-veg husband was shocked! He’s not a fan of blood cockles and described the taste as a “bloody iron taste, like a handful of blood cockles”. Meanwhile, I enjoyed it as it reminded me of certain spirulina or #kombu-based broth. If you’re not comfortable with seafood, you might not like this one.

The noodles are perfect, with the right amount of Al dente texture, and they are not soggy at all. My favourite part (besides the rich broth) was the fried pieces of monkey head/Lion’s mane #mushroom, it’s not too chewy, and it absorbed the broth like a little sponge. Overall, it gets a 10 out of 10 from me.

If you’re wondering how they made the broth to make it taste so much like it’s made with seafood, it’s because they used kombu, and you can buy a jar of their soup paste to prepare at home if you want to.

100/100 AMAZING. My photo does not justice because I did not scoop out the ingredients.

Generous amount of broth that covered the delicious ingredients inside!

THE BROTH IS SO GOOD. It tasted like real prawn mee broth (those cooked for hours with prawn shells). They really nailed the flavour very well

The ingredients are generous. The monkey head mushroom is marinated on its own, chewy. The tofu some tasted fresh, some tasted different, not sure why..

The chilli is not too spicy and I happily mixed everything in.

I will order this again! I prefer this over the assam laksa!

The wallet did not quite feel the prosperity in this. Paying a premium for thick

flavour with a carni casually mentioning about scoring high on 🦐 flavour at a third of the cost just down the street 😅

Overall flavourful with a very tasty broth. Love the heritage shophouse ambience at Pinxin.

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