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Thunder tea Rice

by Pine Tree Cafe


4.04 (5)

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30 November 2022
Thunder tea rice with basic chopped up ingredients.

Taste was good to fill a hungry person. Portion is for one person and cost $8 per bowl.

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27 December 2020
Deducting a star for value cos I think vegepot and thunder tea do it better

lol. It’s still a lot nicer than the food court ones!

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8 December 2021
Like the serving with big bowl of Thunder tea soup, but the type of vege

lacked sayur manis. Will be more authentic

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18 May 2023
Long beans, toukua, caisim, peanuts, sesame seed, n caipo

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16 January 2022
A hearty bowl at $7.50 with crunchy veggies and brown rice.

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6 December 2021
Sadly I found it really bland... but it tastes v healthy and unfried so some

might enjoy!! Liked how they used cashews isntead of peanuts

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