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Straightforward goodness in a bowl. Lovely thunder tea soup as a perfect companion to the

rice, veggies and tofu cubes, I love how each ingredient adds another layer of flavour, and combined this dish is just power.
Pine tree is tucked away in a corner of the veggie haven that is fortune centre. Friendly staff and tasty vegan and veggie delights. My parents love this place.

My friend had this and she loved the leicha paste because it has a nutty


Rice bowl topped with a small amount of chye sim, long beans, tofu, and roasted

peanuts. The ingredients were quite little and not particularly flavourful except for the peanuts. The leicha broth was very diluted and watery. Honestly unimpressive and not on par with the likes of Thunder Tree or Lotus Vegetarian Kitchen which have a similar price tag. Wouldn't really recommend it, as it wasn't very tasty or value-for-money; nonetheless this would be a good choice for those looking for healthier whole food options without processed ingredients. (Allium-free, $8) #sgvegan #wholefoodplantbased #wfpb

I brought a non-veg friend to fortune centre only to find out that my fav

two places (Vegepot & Bodhi Deli) are closed today. This was good but I asked her how much normal lei cha rice cost she said it was $3.50 ~ $4 . This was $7. H/w this was really delicious & soup’s thickness was just nice. #crf

$7.50 for brown rice lei cha - while the rice was really generous, the other

ingredients were not. All the ingredients were rather bland too, save for the chai po.

There are better alternatives available in the vicinity but I would say their customer service is rly good :)

Authentic tasting- the soup is not as thick or umami as some other spots. Most

of the saltiness comes from the ‘chai poh’ in the rice. Still satisfying though! I was surprised that my friend who hates vegetables managed to finish all of it!


This was my first time trying thunder tea rice, and sadly, I tried a little

of the paste but it wasn't to my liking, so I didn't bother adding any of the paste to water and to the rice, but that is no fault of the store. I liked that they included a lot of preserved radish, though if you're not a fan of salt then it might be too much.

Generous portion of rice and delicious soup. Stall owners are very friendly. Enjoyed the meal!

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