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Create Your Own Pizza

by Pieology Pizzeria Summit


4.50 (27)

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12 February 2022
For $1 more got vegan spicy sausage and meatball/grounds 😆 daiya cheese and veggies 🍕

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10 August 2021
Very good vegan options, so delicious, healthy options, affordable price, unlimited topings, absolutely loooove it!!!


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16 January 2020
Great veggie options with vegan sausage, meat balls or chicken.

Pick the toppings and have it cooked in a large oven. Only one true vegan dough though. With so many crusts to choose from it would be nice to have more vegan ones.

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5 June 2021
I decided to have lunch with a non-vegan coworker and I heard Pieology won

an award from PETA for their vegan pizza options. I walked in and asked about vegan options and the staff was amazing! When I mentioned vegan options they were well informed and extremely...

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27 July 2020
Really enjoy the crate your own option, they have lots of veges and vegan options

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8 September 2019
Vegans beware...This location has poorly trained employees or they just plain don’t care that

people are Vegan. And it’s obvious that the corporate office doesn’t really want to offer Vegan because they punish you for it. You are charged extra for the dairy free...

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28 July 2021
This was SO good.

I was able to top a delicious gluten-free crust with daiya cheese, plant protein sausage, and so many yummy veggies!

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4 January 2020
I appreciate the offerings of vegan and gluten free items.

Offered are red sauce or oil, Daiya cheese and lots of veggies! #aloha

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21 October 2019
This was made with gluten-free crust (the other crusts are not vegan, despite what

the preparers might say. Need to verify on their website). The mock sausage crumbles, vegan cheese, and other veggie toppings were a nice combo.

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