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Plant based Lunch Buffet

by Pete's Place
4.24 (10)
  • Is Plant based Lunch Buffet vegan? Yes! Plant based Lunch Buffet is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

About the restaurant

Pete's Place
Pete's Place17 dishes · 31 reviews

10 Scotts Rd, Grand Hyatt Singapore Hotel, Singapore 228211

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Most helpful reviews

Love the plant based lunch buffet option that this hotel provides. If you are craving

for some seriously good Italian food, this is a great choice. The ambiance is lovely too. #crf

I figured i couldn’t do a one by one dish since it’s a buffet anyways

but I’ll just list all the food I had. Note: they do serve meat too & lots of garlic n onion. (They r happy to accommodate no alliums request as they have vegan cheese & plant based alternatives but your options will be limited) The guy at the entrance also has an understanding of veganism so yes the food labelled plant-based are vegan.
1. Vegan meatballs kind of thing. Taste like omnipork?? I think it’s deep fried & coated w breadcrumbs
2. Chickpeas
3. Sautéed veggies
4. Salad station (chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, radishes, beetroot, baby spinach)
5. A few slices of mushroom pizza (they have a wood burning traditional oven)
6. Foccocia ( they had olives one & sundries tomatoes ones)
7. Pear lattice pastry which they later swapped for carrot cake 10/10
8. Minestrone soup w spelt n veggies ( had croutons which seemed to be homemade just toasted break which was g8) & chopped parsley
9. Whole grain penne pasta cooked w sundried tomato pesto (i asked if pesto was vegan they said yes) ( they have pumpkin ravioli too which I wanted but no space in stomach)
10. chocolate ice cream (they also had lemon & vanilla - i tried my friend’s)
It is not too bad for a vegan buffet & i hope we continue supporting such places so they can go 100% plant-based !!


a really good place to dine at if you want authentic vegan italian food! the

dishes that they have change pretty often - when i went, the plantbased mains they had were roasted veggies and omnipork meatballs (which were SOOOOOOO TENDER AND JUICY) in addition to a wide variety of pastas. there is also a salad bar and usually a couple of soups. the minestrone soup that i tried was full of veggies and grains and full of tomato flavour! they usually have pizza, the one i had was mushroom and i looooooove the chewy crust. ALLLLLLLL! THE! BREADS! there are vegan, i clarified with the chef. in terms of desserts, there are normally fruits and 1-2 types of vegan desserts. i was lucky enough to get to eat the vegan ice cream when i went (marked with a 'v' on the cover!), the chocolate ice cream was pretty dark and creamy. the only downside to this place is the price point, it's $32++ for the buffet. if you wanna try pete's place and you're on a budget, download the treatsure app. it costs $10.70 for a buffet box from pete's place, so basically you can take whatever food you can fit into the box! #crf

I'm not one for buffets but this spread exceeded my expectations! Even more so because

plant-based and vegan options are stated very concisely. The staff were very friendly to help us out too. What I had listed below in order of photos:
1. Fried Cauliflower (super crisp entrée with a tomato sauce)
2. Vegan Meatloaf (likely BeyondMeat)
3. Minestrone Soup (really hearty barley and spelt, nice breadcrumbs)
4. Carrot Soup - my bf got this and it tastes really fresh... like carrot juice but hot??? idk haha
5. Salad Bar (A REAL SALAD BAR KIDS!!! there's asparagus!!!! yum!!!)
6. Vegan Ispanan (this was a pleasant surprise)
7. Various cakes but not very sure if they were vegan - definitely not the cheese cake or tiramisu haha the Ispanan does it for me enough by itself
8. Pumpkin pizza - pretty interesting, gets cold fast so just observe the chef whenever he puts out a new one!
9. Linguine in sundried tomato pesto - this was not bad!
10. Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream - tried my boyfriend's and we were noticed the V on the cap!!

Would return with family for another visit, perfect for dining with omnis. Hopefully it would be a 100% full vegan buffet someday!

This is my second visit. Guess if I were to go back. I will just

take the salad bar option cos the best tasting items on the menu are their breads and the vegan butter. The pastas were a let down. The pizzas were cold so I can understand why it doesn’t taste good anymore. The ball thingy is so so. The minestrone so so. But the carrot soup was delicious and of course the croutons made the soups taste better.

There is only 1 plant based dessert option. When I am almost done with the mains realised they’ve changed the dessert menu. No more pear pastry thingy that I am kinda keen to try. If there is only 1 dessert option. (hmm.. fruits not exactly dessert) it is appreciated if they can suggest guests to grab one first in case it runs out. The pastry is replaced with carrot cake which I did not even bother to try. But the manager after talking to him manage to get 1 leftover on the tray he cleared and so I got to taste the pear pastry.

Btw I never knew they have vegan options for ice cream. (:

I was surprised to find a special plant based lunch menu at this place. Been

here in the past and their salad bar is pretty good. I still enjoy the salad bar as it’s got a good spread including sundried tomatoes and olives and pumpkin and sunflower seeds, though I didn’t spot any nuts. They also had a vegan pasta, pizza and dessert. Fruit selection was limited to 3 types.
I would definitely give credit to them for offering a plant based menu which isn’t common for me in buffets! Great service too.

first time we went for their plant based lunch buffet and i was very impressed.

there were mixed grilled veggies, spicy fried cauliflower, a pasta dish, pizza with daiya cheese, salads, fruit and vegan ice cream! the pizza was the best i had in a while. also everything was clearly labeled as plant based and the staff was well informed and helpful

Vegan pizza and roasted heura chicken! Friends loved it hehe

This Super cute looking carrot cake really made my day. It tasted so so but

there were other vegan food for the buffet and boy that was filling.

Love the food and options! Slightly pricey, probably because there are meat options. If only

it was a full vegan buffet.

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