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I’ve never tried coconut ice cream before - but I tried it for the first

time with vegan brownie and it’s one of the best desserts I have ever had. The taste was great - the brownie was chewy yet crunchy and the texture and body of the coconut ice cream was 100% similar to vanilla ice cream! Must try!

This dessert was very tasty, but let's be clear -- this is NOT a brownie,

it's a cake! It was very crumbly (and a little bit dry), so definitely not a brownie! But when eaten with the ice cream, it's a great combo. Not too sweet, either, and a large portion size that's great for sharing.

Really liked their brownie! It tastes delicious and has a nice soft and gooey texture.

The presentation is sad and the dish is slightly pricey but totally worth it if you are craving a good old fashioned nutty brownie with no compromise on taste.

A little fudgy and pricey. Extremely #chocoholic though! Love the texture of the coconut icecream


The ice-cream tasted more vanilla than coconut to me 🤔 🧐 Unless my tastebuds are

mistaken. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. The brownie itself was not bad, more crumbly and grainy than moist, but pleasantly so. Felt light and not overwhelming.

Nice decadent brownie! I couldn't have more than a few bites though as it was

too rich for me, but still a great brownie, just not my personal dessert of choice 😀 unfortunately they ran out of the coconut ice cream that night. But they did give us another free dessert so A+ for service!

More of a cakey than fudgey brownie, would have liked it even better with choc

chips or chunks in the brownie as it was a little on the dry side. Goes well with the coconut ice cream but wish the scoop could have been bigger hehe

The brownie was well tasted good.the icecream was i think coconut bliss of a

brand available at the stores and not made in-house.
Sgd 12

Can't go wrong with brownie and ice cream. The coconut ice cream brings a lightness

to the chocolate brownie! Very nice 😍

This was so tasty. The brownie was moist and had just the right amount of

sweetness. The ice cream went perfectly as well

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