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Orchard grocer does it again with their amazing Francis sandwich! This is their take on

the classic cubano sandwich. It’s made with Seitans Helper Ham, pickles, Violife cheese, Dijon mustard and mayo💛

Have you ever tried a vegan version of some thing that used to eat and

it brought tears to your eyes?  The sandwich did this for me. Orchard Grocer id known for their fabulous food… I mean everything is delicious but this sandwich is next level …first of all it’s huge, I probably could’ve eaten it over two days. It was so big but it was absolutely scrumptious every single bite.

It is their take on the classic Cubano sandwich made with house made seitan ham, pickles, Violife cheese, dijon mustard and your choice of regular or spicy mayo. Obviously I went for the spicy mayo and some extra pickles. It was I wanna have it again.

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