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  • Rice with Vegetables (Indian stall)
  • Rice with Vegetables (Indian stall)

Rice with Vegetables (Indian stall)

by NUS Science Canteen (Frontier Phase 1)


4.35 (12)

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7 January 2021
Had a good lunch and 50 cents freshly prepared soy milk from Arise and Shine!!

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found the fried cabbage a little oily but apart from that all 3 dishes were

v flavourful. the zucchini slices in yellow curry were v soft and easy to eat and the chickpeas were cooked well :)

#nuseats #abillionlove

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the brinjal was cooked with curry leaves, onions and i think possibly another ingredient, but

i cant tell what - quite like the taste & texture of the dish :) beans were soft & easy to eat, cabbage was flavourful as always and overall love their use of spices!


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really liked the cauliflower caus of the spicy flavour and the cauliflowers were v soft!!

wished the portion was bigger hehe

the cowpea(?) beans was a nice change, havent eaten it w rice before but turned out q ok as the flavour of the gravy did get into the beans!


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Indian stall at Frontier canteen. Chose brown rice with tofu, dhal, spinach and carrots. Dishes

were flavourful and nice. Affordable too! Would order again.


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Not bad. Didn’t have many options available when I went (around 5:30pm) and I’m not

sure if they were closing for the day or not yet set up for dinner. I just got everything still available that was vegan, and ended up particularly impressed with the pakoras. They were crisp without being too oily. Would have liked more dal, but everything was decent overall. I thought the food was lighter here than at other Indian stalls on campus that I’ve tried.

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Flavourful yet lighter and less oily than other stalls. Also quite cheap! It was $4.20

for brown rice with rajma, string beans, spinach, pakoras and sambar.

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