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Most helpful reviews

This pasta is so yummy and there was really nothing more I could ask for!

It came with a separate bowl for the pasta sauce, all I had to do was to pour the sauce over the pasta and it is done! I like that the fragrance of the truffle combined with the creamy and satisfying pasta. #crf

Best shared, as it’s q creamy. Strong truffle smell and has fake fish. My friend

loved it so I was happy! I do think the pasta could be done more firm! I’d prefer the truffle burgers and pizza over the pasta :) #abillionturns3

It's an enjoyable and tasty dish, which I think can be made better. It would

be ideal if there could be more rocket leaves to bring a balance, and maybe a dash of fermented vegetables, like cabbage, on the side to add layers to the flavour. #abillionlove

We thought we ordered spinach mushroom pasta but were served this instead, not sure who’s

right haha. Didn’t enjoy this pasta that much as I’m not a penne person and this tasted too close to our pizza :(

the pasta is well-cooked and the sauce is so delicious!! i can eat so many

plates of this and its still not sickening🥰

Creamy pasta. The truffle mushroom sauce was good. Topped with rocket leaves. Wished they gave

more mushrooms in this dish.

The organic wheat penne was cooked perfectly. Love the creaminess of the truffle mushroom sauce.

I find the king oyster mushroom a bit salty. And the nutritional yeast adds a good grittiness and it goes very well with the sauce!

Requested for linguine pasta. Appreciate that they cooked the pasta long enough so the texture

is soft enough yet not overcooked. Price is a little steep. Would be perfect if there were more mushrooms. Overall I’d enjoyed the dish!

($10.90 )the mock meat rlly tasted like fish so i was a bit shocked! kinda

pricey but tastes nice! the sauce was a bit too watery for my liking though but really liked the truffle smell :)

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