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  • Truffled Mushroom Pasta

Truffled Mushroom Pasta

by nomVnom Bistro


4.14 (32)

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23 July 2021
one of my favs at nomVnom!

the sauce is nice and creamy without being too rich. the tempeh is an add-on — kinda pricey but worth it for the great flavour and boost of protein ✨

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7 July 2020
Those brown hues are tempeh hehe!

I can’t believe how creamy this is. Really not losing out on anything being vegan other than losing my patience w people who ask me where i get my protein 😤

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10 May 2019
This was quite bad.. 😢 My cousin and i were so excited to try this

but the truffle sauce tasted very off and the penne was abit too soft as well. Not sure if other days its better :/

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18 June 2020
pasta was well cooked and the mushroom truffle sauce is nice and creamy, but not

too heavy.

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29 May 2019
The organic wheat penne was cooked perfectly.

Love the creaminess of the truffle mushroom sauce. I find the king oyster mushroom a bit salty. And the nutritional yeast adds a good grittiness and it goes very well with the sauce!

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20 March 2022
tastes really average unfortunately!

The cream was alright, and the toppings were okay only. Would not reorder! Their burgers are better.

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25 August 2021
it smells stronger than it tastes, was was expecting a stronger truffle flavour.

penne was al dente and sauce was very nice - it came with crispy mock meat/mushrooms (?), not quite sure what it was but it was so tasty and would have love if there is an option to top up!

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4 August 2020
Creamy mushroom pasta with just the right amount of truffle oil.

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22 July 2020
I would glady trade a kidney for this.

Not my own, I mean someone else's. But it still counts, right?

Added a side of fried oyster mushrooms (coat of crust from the beloved fried bananas).

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31 January 2019
$11.90! didn’t have this but my friend says it’s pretty average truffle mushroom pasta!

truffle taste wasn’t overpowering or anything and it was nothing special according to her

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