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  • Truffle Fries + Truffle Mayo Dip
  • Truffle Fries + Truffle Mayo Dip

Truffle Fries + Truffle Mayo Dip

by nomVnom Bistro


4.02 (36)

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24 December 2020
You can't go wrong with fries.

Delicious and crispy. They go well with the truffle mayo. #veganin2020 🍟

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4 August 2021
The fries are lightly-salted which can be eaten on its own since it is

infused with truffle flavor. It comes with a truffle mayo dip. πŸ˜‹

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30 March 2021

Hot truffle fries, fragrant and delicious!

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5 October 2019
Can't go wrong with truffle fries amirite.

Having this with @harsha years ago changed my view and it's still stands strong!!! Love love the dip it's so good.

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19 June 2022
inflation is real, i don't recall a separate charge for the truffle mayo dip

previously.... fries were crispy but unfortunately barely had any truffle taste

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20 January 2022
(oops forgot to take an indiv photo of the fries πŸ˜…)

glad they fried the potato in truffle oil and it isnt just the mayo that's truffle hehe

wldnt mind an even stronger truffle flavour, but as it is this is already quite good :D

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28 November 2020
Decent truffle fries!

Portion could be bigger. Else I actually enjoyed this small bowl of truffle fries!

#vegan #truffle

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31 January 2021
Crispy and fluffy, with a lovely, not too overpowering truffle flavour.

Love the creamy mayo on the side! #veganuary

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10 December 2020
I do like this truffle sauce fries.

But yeah maybe they need to rename it to truffle sauce rather then just truffle fries.

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