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My non-veg friend loves truffle fries so ever since I brought her here..she’s been loving

it!! #crf

Price: $5.90

The truffle fries was not particularly special, tasted just like normal truffle fries would.

But the truffle mayo was really surprising - it tasted like real mayo. (My bf is obsessed with mayo haha)

The sauce was well-seasoned with black pepper, and the fries had a paprika-like spice. Overall, it was reaaaally good but we felt there was too little fries for $5.90. Would probably only buy this again if we were craving the truffle mayo


TGIF. It's truffle fries day! Has been a pretty exhausting week as my colleague had

been out but I am so happy that weekends are coming.
While posting this review, I realised that I have yet to try nomvnom's fries before. I usually go for the sweet potatoes fries just because I like it better :). The fries were served piping hot so plus points for that. The sauce was the one that stands out because of the truffle. I am pleased to say that the smell of truffle was not too empowering but yet still has a lingering fragrance when dipped together with the fries. I would go for the other sides another time due to personal preference 😉

The lad enjoyed this wholeheartedly. The mayo dip was really fragrant and the fries, served

piping hot, had a lovely crisp going.

they have an ongoing promotion where you get the lion's mane truffle burger and truffle

fries for just $12! they gave a very generous portion of the fries - i couldnt even finish it after my burger.

the truffle mayo was good but i didnt really get the flavour from the fries. im very impressed at my first taste of vegan mayo! the fries were just a classic serving of fries that complemented the burger well. however, i found them pretty greasy (oil oozed out a little when i poked them).

given how amazing the burgers are, i probably wouldnt order the fries again when i return.

I do like this truffle sauce fries. But yeah maybe they need to rename it

to truffle sauce rather then just truffle fries.
Fries are just fries, yes.. so it's the sauce that makes this dish. It is a nicely whipped sauce, portion could be a weeee bit more but ok lah,can't complain.

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