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Purpurish QQ

by nomVnom Bistro


4.17 (6)

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9 December 2018
The signature qq patty with a spicy satay sauce and topped with purple cabbage. I've

always like how soft nomVnom's buns are and the spicy sauce is a great addition!


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Despite its name, it was not very purple-ly in terms of looks or amount of

purple cabbage. But I didn’t mind too much cause it was still really good. The best part was the patty, which was crispy on the outside with delicious succulent mushrooms on the inside. #veganisnotscary

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DERISHUSH, it was gone in 7 minutes. Patty looked like chicken, felt like chicken but

was a thick juicy piece of mushroom, twas pretty cool. Satay sauce was a blessing, 10/10 would drench my soul in it. JASH IT MY FIRST POST HOPE YOU HAVE A LOVELY DAY

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Didn't have as much purple cabbage as I expected! The cabbage was also marinated (?)

so it wasn't as crunchy and raw as fresh cabbage, which I quite liked. The QQ patty had a marinated fried chicken-y exterior, which was quite nice and crispy. The inside was made of chewy mushrooms, and there was satay sauce too. Everything came together quite nicely!

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Burgers here taste as good as expected! Bun slightly crispy on the outside, inside comes

with a nice doughy flavour. Mushroom stems nicely fried and still juicy when you bite through it. Lettuce is fresh and crunchy! Satay sauce... cannot go wrong! Now if only there's more of the purple cabbage... Haha.

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