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This is one of the best udon I have ever tried!!! Satisfyingly delicious! The portion

is huge that there is barely room for dessert after. The udon is thick and soft while the lion's mane mushrooms are nice and tender. And the broth was so savoury. Love the bits and pieces of mushrooms in it.

Winner!! I love this noodle dish so much - the shacha broth is super flavourful

and comforting, and reminds me of the kind of shacha soup you can get in Taiwan. The udon noodles are very qq and go super well with the chunks of lion's mane mushrooms and tomatoes. Perfect comfort food. Recommended! #veganin2020

This Shacha Lion's Mane Udon managed to be superbly tasty and satisfying (without the use

of MSG). Lots of ingredients with mushrooms, beancurd skin, tomato and vegetables. It was well worth the $8.90 for a large comforting bowl.

I didn't understand this dish or what it's trying to be.
The soup was oily

n too salty.
It's not sourish or spicy so i really didn't get it.
I liked their curry chickpeas udon n love their lion mane mala,but this, was a bit weird for my tastebud.
And plus, you can't sell noodle soup without having birds eye chili available, that's just a culinary sin.

Love the bits of monkey head mushroom in the udon soup, very savoury and fragrant

dish. First time trying ‘shacha’ (Chinese satay sauce) and I really like it! The piping hot udon is also really good for the cold rainy Season now. Highly recommended for those craving a more savoury dish.

My non-vegan friend liked this udon and the soup very much; even though it was

my order, she asked to try it before and after I had my share. LOL! I liked it too. Lots of ingredients and very satisfying. Soup wasn't too salty. Had green veg and crunchy toppings. I would order this again!

Though extremely good to have this on a cold rainy day, it's still something comforting

to have after a hard day's work any time, any day. That broth must drink it hot ya, to get the most out of it. Push the lettuce into the broth to let it soak up all the broth goodness but careful not to scald your mouth because this udon is served hot! Juicy mushrooms, crunchy spinach. Perfect!

Honestly this dipped below my expectations. The soup was wayyy too salty and one of

the lion’s mane mushroom was bitter? Regret not sticking to the usual burger

Best udon I ever had. Just disappointed chicken rice is not there except weekends

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