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Most helpful reviews

The tofu roll cost $9. Unique seaweed roll packed with thick slabs of firm tofu,

sliced 'fish', carrot, pumpkin, and yam. Surprisingly tasty and filling!

‘Tofu Roll’ is not a very exciting name but it’s quite an exciting dish. The

highlight is the pumpkin.

This dish has a taste that i'm not too familiar with,but that's ok i the

taste is quite pleasurable.
A lot happening there- tofu,pumpkin, yam,sm crispy thing, a rather peculiar sauce,greens wrapped in seaweed. And also, their tofu had got a really nice texture.

i ordered this as my oyster mee sua had no vege at all, and also b'cos im just greedy.

Portion is huge n it's quite filling so good to share this.
Really interesting taste n mixture, but good to learn new dishes.


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