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  • Tomato Broth Hotpot
  • Tomato Broth Hotpot

Tomato Broth Hotpot

by New Fut Kai Vegetarian Restaurant


4.00 (7)

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28 February 2021
This dish and the restaurant was disappointing for us.

The broth was sweet and the veggies inside so so. I think overall we were disappointed and may not go there out of choice. Clearly in terms of pricing the overall meal cost us almost 25 bucks per person and not worth it for this type of a setting

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28 February 2022
Finally tried this restaurant I've been meaning to go to for so long!

Their tomato broth hot pot was good, personally thought the soup was too water-y and could have been a bit more flavourful. Lots of great veggies though (although my favorite lotus root was missing ) and quantity was quite good for the price!

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25 May 2020
most of the hotspots here are vegan!

come here when i miss my steamboattttt.

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2 August 2022
slightly sweet, tangy, filled with veggies and very value for money!

this was comforting and lovely.

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26 June 2022
Broth was a little sweeter than I expected but overall was ok.

Loads of veggies(celery, spinach, mushrooms) in it, love that. There were also some mock fish which were made of either beancurd skin or seitan which tasted pretty good with very realistic fish skin and shocked my partner.

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26 October 2020
The dish was already vegan.

It tasted a bit like the South Indian rasam. I'm not a big fan of soy products, so the ample veggies made this a happy pot for me! The other options seemed to be exciting...

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16 September 2018
If you love tomato flavoured dishes, you should definitely try this.


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