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  • Herbal Mushroom Steamboat

Herbal Mushroom Steamboat

by New Fut Kai Vegetarian Restaurant


4.57 (6)

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30 June 2019
Really like it that there are many red dates but it was too oily for


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12 August 2019
soup was indeed very herbal but a little too oily for my liking.

comes with an extra bowl of soup for you to add more soup into your hotpot as you go. came with quite a large variety of veggies, mushrooms and beancurd skin. #crf

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1 August 2019
I like this!!

It was a mushroom galore, and soup kept hot in a hotpot is always great. I love herbal soups that's why I prefer this too. #crf

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14 October 2021
Vegan option available, I think they swapped out some of the mock meats.

This herbal soup base was brewed with ginkgo nuts, red dates, and wolfberries. I was impressed by how it tasted nourishing yet light, without being too bitter! Filled with assorted mushrooms including king oyster, shiitake, and white fungus, as well as hearty handmade tofu wanton...

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6 July 2022
My favourite dish in everything we order always goes to the hotpot.

Tried this hotpot and love the taste of the soup! Yumz

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2 May 2018
Very generous portion of fillings with an assortment of mushrooms, loads of vegetables including my

favourite broccoli, and even vegan dumplings! The presentation is beautiful, and the soup is Super flavourful. Do remember to inform them that you’re vegan, because the mock meats aren’t vegan.

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