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4.44 (9)

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8 April 2021
You tiao is crispy and tasty.

Turnip, pineapples, cucumbers are fresh. Sauce is little too sweet for me but ok for general crowd. Would appreciate if there are more cucumbers and has more tang in the sauce.

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16 March 2020
Portion quite small, youtiao not a lot too.

Otherwise it's quite tasty! Yumz!!

#vegan #rojak

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31 August 2020
Back at Nature’s cafe because I wanted their Mala again 😗 had their rojak and

it’s really good taste just like any rojak you get outside! Yummy!

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15 September 2019
The rojak flower smell is really overflowing!

Love it

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1 August 2019
Vegan rojak that is one of the best sellers at this restaurant.

Great for sharing as an appetiser. #crf

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1 May 2019
Best rojak ever after a looong time !

Absolutely vegan and amazing paste

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28 December 2020
The rojak cost $6.50.

This local salad had lots of crunch, with youtiao fried dough fritters, chunks of cucumber, pineapple, and turnip, plus finely chopped peanuts. Wish there could have been some fried tofu for a contrast in texture and added protein. Despite not containing prawn paste, the dark black sauce was sweet and savoury.

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