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  • Crispy Vegan Imperial Rolls
  • Crispy Vegan Imperial Rolls

Crispy Vegan Imperial Rolls

by NamNam - Plaza Singapura


4.24 (5)

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2 March 2021
Crispy but not authentic Vietnamese.

It's more Chinese imperial rolls

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9 July 2019
Loved the crisp and how thin the skin of this roll is.

Although fried, this doesn't feel heavy and the ingredients in the roll complements well in the texture of the dish.

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15 November 2019
Crispy, oily and delicious rice rolls filled with veggies.

Its marked as vegan, woo hoo!

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4 December 2019
A little oily but loved the flavour and simplicity.

Great for dipping in Pho :) Great chain with lots of vegan options!

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25 November 2019
Amazing veggie roll crisps.

Spicy sweet chilli dip #crf

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