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  • Vegan Deep-Dish Sausage Pizza
  • Vegan Deep-Dish Sausage Pizza

Vegan Deep-Dish Sausage Pizza

by My Pi Pizza


4.30 (2)

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10 October 2022
Despite visiting Chicago many times in my life, this was my first Chicago deep-dish pizza

ever! My Pi has a whole vegan menu which was really fun to see. They are takeout only, but we were able to enjoy the pizza on a little table set up near the parking lot. This place seems really authentic and glad I got this experience. The sauce is made from my favorite tomatoes: San Marzano! This made it a bit sweeter and not as acidic, which is great because this is a lot of sauce. I was impressed with how nicely the vegan cheese melted under all the sauce and veggie sausage. The best part for me was the crust. I usually like really traditional Italian crusts, but there was something about this one that was really great!

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My first-ever vegan Chicago deep dish! Although not one of the big names (Giordano's or

Malnati's), My Pi did a bang-up job!

The crust held up to the gooey cheese and boatload of tomato sauce. The sauce was sweet and mild, with little acidity. The cheese was standard mozzarella shreds, from what I could tell. Not sure what vegan sausage they used, but it was yummy!

The only downfall was that we asked for a vegan sausage special (with shrooms and peppers), but the guy taking our order must have not heard the "special" part. Thankfully, we weren't charged for the extra toppings.

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