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Most helpful reviews

Mejor lugar de la vida♥️ ame los noodles y el roasted pork (cha sheuk). Es

super economico y la gente es un amor. Pague $4🙈

Very yummy! The staff were incredibly friendly and gave us some free food and barley

drinks, and the portions were very generous. I can’t believe this great meal only cost me $4!

I’ve been wanting to quit over consumption since maybe 1-2 years back. Looking at my

plate I knew I failed badly.

Anyways I enjoyed my meal as they aren’t the typical super oily or salty veggie meals. Appreciates good taste minus the oil. I am keen to try the laksa too. Next time maybe. 😬

I got this as a takeaway and warmed it up at home and added my

own chia seeds. Love the gluten mock chicken and soft tofu with tomato. Wish they had more tofu dishes and less oily.

I liked the soft tofu with tomato the most out of all the dishes. They

have a good variety of dishes but I find their food too oily and a little salty. They also don’t have brown rice. I would like there to be more healthy food and fewer disposables. It’s great they’re affordable and give free food to the needy.

It was good that we could choose from various dishes and not just the standard

unhealthy dishes with economical bee hoon. However I found the portion of bee hoon too much and dishes were quite oily.

Very friendly staff who aren’t afraid to give you massive servings of noodles that could

probably feed 2!

Believe this was from March when @vinceread and I went and the uncle gave us

a HUUUGE serving! Great staff and I was definitely stuff by the end😅

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