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Soybean Rolls

by Mother Chu's Vegetarian Kitchen
4.40 (2)

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Mother Chu's Vegetarian Kitchen
Mother Chu's Vegetarian Kitchen44 dishes · 53 reviews

367 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

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Most helpful reviews

To be specific, I'm reviewing the Crispy Soya Bean Roll with Tangy Chilli Sauce (there

were other dishes featuring Soybean Rolls). Crispy fried seaweed soy pieces and leafy greens in a slightly sour and spicy sauce with cut green chilli. The 'fish' wasn't like the mock 'fish' I'm used to in Singapore - this was more like normal textured soy protein without much flakiness to it. Taste-waste this dish was not bad though also not particularly outstanding. The serving was significantly smaller than the other mains we ordered. (21.80 AUD / 8 pieces, Allium-free) #womenowned #australia #sydneyvegans

Crispy fried bean curd rolls with chinese greens and sticky sauce #yummy #chinesefood #govegan #veganfood

#vegan #veganfoodshare #veganin2020

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