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Cold Brew Iced Coffee

by Mother Bake Shop
5.00 (1)

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Mother Bake Shop
Mother Bake Shop28 dishes · 29 reviews

131 Hekili St Suite 101, Kailua, HI 96734, USA

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Most helpful reviews

I tried my first sip when I got to my car (which was parked a

little ways) and found it unsweetened. If I wasn't in a rush to make it to my next destination on time, I would have taken the time to walk back and ask for sweetener. But after a few more sips, I wasn't missing the sweetness at all and actually enjoyed the coffee taste, which seemed to be a high quality. I'm not a coffee-connoisseur, but it didn't have the bitterness that I don't care for that some coffees have...just a nice simple coffee flavor with light creaminess from the oatmilk . #VeganOahu

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