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Grabbing boba 🧋 daily before they close for good. I love this flavour so much!

It has a delicious hojicha taste that reminds me of coffee, perfect with vegan mylk at 50% sweetness. This time, I tried it with the white konjac boba but I find that the black one is better for a stronger drink like that. I think black pearls still go best with most boba after all. #veganisnotscary 🧋

$5.90. I love it. The taste of the soy was not too strong and the

hojicha made it awesome. The pearls were soft and chewy. I really enjoyed the drink. #veganisnotscary

Probably the “milkiest” bubble milk tea I have ever had. Sweetness is just right for

me. Really appreciate the shop giving discount for BYO. This service should be encourage in all bbt shops! #veganisnotscary

99999/10 recommend! Such a fragrant and earthy flavour! Unlike matcha, hojicha tea is a bit

sweeter and is not as bitter as matcha, which makes this drink much more enjoyable to drink. $6 per cup but I believe is very worth it, considering that there are not many vegan bubble tea places and the plant milk used complements the tea really really well. So good, Mong Cha Cha is really the best 🤩

Friend delibered to me :”) I personally think the earl grey is better (even tho

I’m not a huge fan of EG usually) bc it’s 1) cheaper 2) has a stronger tea taste! Wish the hojicha taste was a lot stronger, I can’t really tell it’s hojicha haha

Mmm! I got this at 0% sugar, and it was the right choice because the

pearls were sweet and complemented the "bitterness" and "nuttiness" of the hojicha flavoured tea. It was super delicious, though slightly expensive at $6.90. For those who have a very sweet tooth, you can get a higher sugar percentage (between 0-50%).

I ordered this through NomVnom! Absolutely LOVED it! Is it a collab between NVN and

MCC? I remember NVN has a superb hojicha latte too and this MCC boba tastes very very similar. It's thick, flavourful, and mildy sweet at 25% sugar. It was $5.90 on NVN website. I can't wait to order it again...

This tasted AMAZING at 25% sugar and no ice!! The houjicha taste stood out and

the paerls were soft and chewy(though they're a bit sweet so maybe I'll try 0% sugar next time)

this is also the nicest picture I've ever taken of my nus bottle so far so yay

Very smooth and earthy hojicha taste. Opted for 25% sugar but felt that it was

still sweet enough! Pearls didn't hold up as well as the previous time but okay my bad for leaving it for like seven hours hahah.

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