• Is Hot Damn It's FREE FLOW PITA & TAHINI vegan? Yes! Hot Damn It's FREE FLOW PITA & TAHINI is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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#pita bread cut into strips, with a pot of #tahini and #chilli fried in salt,

no words 🤤🤤🤤 And oh, it's on-the-house and unlimited??? 🥰🥰🥰🥰 One of my favourite contributions to #abillionhacks thus far 😁

Can’t go wrong with some quality, free starters. These are free flow which was great

because I pretty much devoured the tahini in 2 mins.

The pita is soft and fluffy, peppers add some spice and the tahini was the perfect bitter nutty. Plus it’s free so can’t go wrong with that!

Okay which one of y’all put this #abillionhacks item on the menu 🙈 It’s the

free flow #pita and #tahini they provide; Grab as much as you want! Or until you paiseh, whichever comes first! 🙊 Luckily I was having a team lunch so my colleagues had the courtesy of being the ones to sacrifice themselves in shame to take so much pita 🙉 I’m not complaining though, it’s really my favourite thing about Miznon!

The highlight of this Israeli eatery has to be their pitas. And so, I have

to dedicate one photo specially for their flatbread. #ilovebread

These pita slices are fluffier and chewier than your usual kinds. Although not pictured, the pita slices are served with their in-house tahini dip. It has a strong nutty sesame taste, different from the ones I’ve had before.

We were seated at the bar counter, so I could sneakily snap this photo haha.


Super soft and yummy pita and love the grilled pepper. The tahini sauce is

the best addition to melt everything together.

Wouldn’t have known of this Israeli restaurant / street bar food if it wasn’t for

abillion! Cool concept and vibes, super friendly welcoming and yes you indeed will get too full on these free flow pita if you are not careful while waiting for your actual mains 😳
Best eaten with your hot mains toppings anyway! Bread has fluffy soft interior and something abt the combo or texture must have won mum over cos she doesn’t consume so much bread by itself normally
Be careful of the Chili it gets spiiiiiiicy cos so many seeds!

Complimentary pita and chillies w tahini - need i say more? Bf was confused at

first and told our server “we did not order anything yet” when they gave this dish. The server had to explain it was on the house :p pita was so fluffy, toasty yet moist on the inside. Chilli was a bit cold, but tasted excellent - it was lightly toasted and the sweetness became more apparent. not too spicy.

My first time having tahini (never dared to buy coz online reviews always says it’s

bitter) but quite a familiar taste esp to those who eat black sesame desserts 🤤 love the bread and the jalapeños(?) were good too!

FREE FLOW PITA!!!! omg it’s so good. soft and fluffy and you can tell that

good quality flour was used. tahini was amazing, super nutty and creamy. jalapenos were spicy HAHAHA only qualm was that it was served cold🥲

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