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This was a personal fave here, the thin slices crisped up really nicely and the

sauce was so delightful when I drenched my rice in it! Will certainly be ordering this again #veganin2020

This was my favourite dish! Super complex flavours in between the pieces of seitan. Crispy

at the edges, chewy in the middle. #crf

Dear Vegans & Supporters,
Personally wasn’t as impressed as compare to their suckling pig replica. Like

that it’s really crispy but was not a fan of the sauce. Definitely an interesting rendition but not exactly my cup of tea.

Note, went with just a friend & we overestimated our appetite. Took away most of this & regretted. Can only dine-in, turns extremely soggy & unappealing after awhile. 😖

#crf #crfsg


De este restaurante tengo 3 platos preferidos! Este es uno de ellos! Seitan salteado con

verduras❤ un manjar!!!!!

Haha..First time try vegetrian deer meat...taste good and texture was really special but no same

like meat

Honestly I had no idea what this was, I only found out later that it's

seitan. No idea how it's supposed to replicate venison tho but loved how crispy and tasty it was! If I didn't have a sore throat on that day I would have eaten more 😩

Slices of seitan flash fried and then stir fried in a sauce. Pretty good taste

but this arrived near the end of the meal and it ended up being too greasy for me.

This was bomb too! Never tried actual venison before being vegan but this was really

nice and crispy; lovely texture and taste.

This was so good! It had good texture and perfect flavours that went with it.

Another thing I’d definitely recommend ordering from here.

Made of Saitan
never figure it has hard kind
Crispy in texture and quite good

not spicy 🌶

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