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by Mezza9


3.85 (8)

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23 December 2019
Ordered the vegan meal: complete with Kombucha, Beyond Meat Burger 🍔 and brownies. A very

heavy meal, the kombucha was ok but not that fizzy.
The burger, i would say is your standard vegan burger with Beyond Meat patty. But the bun to meat to condiment ratio was good.
The brownies were fudgy and chocolatey. But at this point I was super full that I had trouble finishing the dessert. 😅

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A bite was enough to convince me to love this dish for the rest of

my life. Juicy. Delicious. Filling. Just wow.

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This is a Beyond Burger with dairy-free cheese, pickle, red onion, lettuce, vegan mayonnaise, mustard

on a dairy-free bun. Overall, I find this satisfying. However, the two thick slices of tomatoes slides when I eat this. As usual, the beyond meat is so juicy and very well-cooked #crf

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Came here for my birthday dinner with the fam. Shared this burger with le mum

aka @spveg. I really like beyond burger so was not surprised I liked this too. However, I’m still on the fence with the daiya cheese. Wish it was at least melted because that’s one of the cool things about daiya!

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Presented like it came from a cheap diner. Tasted okay but definitely not impressive. Especially

when you have to wait 45 minutes before it arrived.

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