Kale salad

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Most helpful reviews

This salad is loaded with delicious kale which is massaged with cheezy chipotle- lime dressing

& topped with crunchy roasted pepitas & fried tortilla strips. It’s Gluten free and delicious. It doesn’t look like a big serving but it is very filling

Cost: $6.49

This is a massaged with "cheesy" chipotle lime dressing, topped with roast pepitas and crispy

fried tortilla strips. It is a little spicy 🌶 which I ❤️ I highly recommend this salad and I also recommend topping it with some “cheeze” fries which are also always delicious 😋

Love this salad, tins of kale, pepitas and crunchy tortilla strips, ( a little salty)

but one of my favs

Good taste with some heat , but they put too much of whatever the topping

was and it was overly salty

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