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Most helpful reviews

Never had anything like this raw mango wrap (takes over 24h to make).
It sells

out very quickly.
The sauce is yummy too.
It's a great way to eat salad !

Delicious raw mango wrap! I love the idea of integrating more raw food into restaurants,

so glad Manggis is doing this so well! Definetly give it a try!🥰

This dish is right up my alley, a sweet mango wrap with a rainbow of

veggies. a creamy cilantro sauce and a sprinkle of no- harm parm. The wraps are super impressive, they definitely have a better dehydrator than mine 🤣 super good and simple deliciousness!

Bit too sweet for me cause of the mango wrap.
But super fresh crispy and

The rawmesan was just sooo good. And the dressing is lit.

Still fabulous.
This wrap (home made, 🥭) is something you simply need to try.
The sauce

is super rich and tasty 😋

If you’re looking for a healthy dish, this is the one you need!

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