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Most helpful reviews

THIS RENDANG DESERVES SIX STARS! Hands down one of the best dishes I’ve had in

Bali. Soooo yummy 😋

An old time favourite.
Perfect texture and taste composition, packed full of local flavours. You

won't be disappointed.

I changed the rice for sweet potato fries because I wanted to try them, that's

why the composition of the dish looks a bit off!
Very tasty jack fruit 🍛Curry with puffed rice crackers and salad.

I thought it was “padang rendang” turns out it taste more like “java rendang”. half

pecel half lodeh but overall its good! 😁

Superb!!! the taste & texture was great. and definitely eat this again later!

So nicely presented and delicious! The Portion Is small tho

Absolutely love this dish. I was here 4 years ago and I’m so happy that

the quality of food hasn’t changed one bit.
Perfect combination of spice and flavor.
#bali #veganbali #jackfruit

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