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This kopitiam is really highly recommended, they provide local foods and drinks in vegan. Thank

you so much

Lovely soup with lotsa veggies, seaweed, Mushrooms and fried tofu. Without rice or noodle, but

you can opt for either. Any case this is a winner. So tasty. And a massive portion too, I shared this with mom.

Much love for Makan vegan. coffee-shop that’s fully vg, right down to their teh c. Good food. Not difficult to Malan vegan at all

Light and soulful dish.
Love at every bite and I washed my meal down with teh

oat gau.

I’ve never tried the actual fish soup ever before. Neither the real fish nor a

vegan version. So I have no judgement, nothing to compare with. This is truly a heart filling and delightful portion of light soup and noodles with veggies, tofu, mushrooms and mock fish. Lovely dinner it was :)

Got the fish soup cos I have soon to expired noodles at home. 😬

Is it

just me or I feel that the standard of the food has improved. Everything I’ve tried tasted so much better than the first when the first is already good. Happy~ belly happy~ 🤍🌱

Poor #fish and poor me, treading greasy water and it seems all #veganfish (more or

less) belongs in the same league a la flotsam and jetsam; the frog and eel slimy presentation minus the electrifying excitement associated with it. Veggie story (JB) employs the same supplier and I can't say I'm a fan of #fishy, then and now. Everything else was above par (tze-char wise), grease aside


This was actually quite nice.
First look at it,u can’t even tell it’s vegan n I

actually showed this photo to a few friends to check n they all were surprised this is vegan.

It is tasty n nice n d ramen is good. The soup broth was on point,i just find this dish a bit too oily but apart from that it’s all good.

The seaweed makes it feels very ‘fish’ like and the beancurd skin as the ‘fish’ was pretty darn good. The portion is good n generous. Thr’s tofu,tomatoes, shitake mushrooms,wld be nice to hv more green veg but hey at that price im not complaining.

Can’t believe it took me so darn long to visit this place considering i live so near.

Really enjoyed the meal…the big chunks of fish and loads of veggies dunked into hot

soup packed full of flavour.

I felt the soup could be thicker with more mylk. Did not really like the

fish slices. Overall still a hearty bowl.

Comforting ‘fish’ soup ($5.80 w/o rice or noodles) with thick slabs of chewy, tasty soy-based

‘fish’ with a viscous cornstarch coating, lots of umami shiitake slices, softened seaweed flakes, bok choy, tomato slices & a touch of soymilk in miso soup. It’s been a long time since I had ‘fish’ soup :’) Will try the ‘duck’ rice if I’m nearby again! :)

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