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Fish and chips

by Makan Vegan Geylang


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26 February 2022
I'm a sucker for fish and chips. I loved them before I went veg and

since then I've always looked out for veg versions. This wasn't so impressive. There was not much fish, 2 small pieces, and a lot of fries in comparison. It was pretty heaty and unhealthy. The fish tasted quite nice, ok but not particularly impressive. I'm glad for the mayo that comes with the dish, it's a must have. I'm glad to have some salad 🥗 on the side, but I think having less fries, baked beans and more veggies would be better.

The price was OK for $7.80 and $9.80 for a set with a soup and bread, I'd probably have it without the set next time. See my other reviews for them.

Love this all-vegan coffeeshop! This stall sells western, they also sell Chinese food and Mala, and bubble tea!!! What a treat!

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Tasty. Fishy. Tastes like real fish and chips. If you are someone into fish &

chips, this is recommended. Found great a way to eat this - get a small bowl from the friendly staff, get a piece of “fish fillet”, grab some fries and some of the veggie sides all into the small bowl. Go to the counter and drizzle with chili sauce. Then as you eat the mayo and chili sauce mixed up all together making the fish & chip so yummy! You are welcome.

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I believe they used to serve soy fish, but have since switched it to the

more premium Omnifoods Golden Fillets drizzled in vegan mayo, which tasted really convincing as expected! Slightly more expensive but reasonable given the cost price of Omnifoods. Came with a pile of fries and salad! ($8.90)

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ok i did not enjoy this as much (and they ran out of fish too😭).

green common fish and chips dominance!! fries here are mediocre too

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Soy fish, fries, a small salad with Mayo topping. I probably won’t repurchase this coz

it’s just a bunch of fried stuff, but nice to try. Don’t find it very fishy either 🙈 improvements can be made for sure

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