Mini Konjac Sashimi Platter

by Lucky Cat
4.35 (11)
  • Is Mini Konjac Sashimi Platter vegan? Yes! Mini Konjac Sashimi Platter is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Everyone at the table were impressed with the taste of this. Highly recommended.

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Mixture of Salmon, Tuna and Squid Sashimi!!
Today Salmon out of stock

😅 it was crunchy and tender! Love the texture and the colour!
It was great but their wasabi very little and never put and ginger also! Yummy!!!

Looked (too) pretty and was nice for the first couple of slices .. think I’ll

stick with their #sushi next time 😛

The mini konjac sashimi platter cost $10. It looked quite cute and realistic. The konjac

sashimi texture was chewy, while the taste was bland and mildly sweet. I could only stomach it by adding the accompanying wasabi and leftover dips from other dishes. I would recommend getting the maki rolls that incorporate small amounts of the konjac sashimi alongside other ingredients, instead of getting an entire plate of just the konjac sashimi.

for the price, super super worth it! they had no tuna that day so they

gave more salmon and squid, the salmon is def better than the squid

I love this vegan sashimi so much! It looks so cute and I like the

texture! When dipped in the soy sauce, it actually taste really good! Worth the try heh ☺️

Can’t believe this is not real sashimi, not only did it looked very much like

one, the texture was also rly similar, except it wasn’t super melt in ur mouth!! It’s also so much cheaper at just $4 SGD!!

I still love this hehe might be an acquired taste but my girlfriends love it

too hehe a great alternative when you want some novelty food hehe


Hey Salmon lover! This is so real, awesome! Quite an array of dishes in the

menu that I must must try. Will be back! #abillionlove

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