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  • Japanese Curry Katsu Don
  • Japanese Curry Katsu Don

Japanese Curry Katsu Don

by Lucky Cat


4.41 (33)

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5 November 2021
Unbelievably good! The katsu tasted amazing and crispy. Curry was on the herby side and

super tasty. Huge portion! And i love the cafe vibes ✨ Will be back for more. #veganisnotscary

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Place is cosy, staff was friendly
Ordered Japanese Curry Katsu Don and i couldn't tell it

is a vegetarian dish.taste as good as served in japanese restaurant. Thumbs up for the avocado salad too! 🥰🥰
Will come again with my family!

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They ran out of katsu so it was replaced with ebi. The curry tastes like

standard Japanese packet curry. Ebi was very chewy konnyaku. Not really worth getting unless you really want curry! #veganin2020

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Simple comfort food 🍛.The rice, carrot potatoes and curry are usually served just warm, while

the meatless crispy soy patty (katsu) is sizzling hot and placed atop the bowl of pearl rice 🍚. The katsu goes really well with the curry sauce and the curry is not really spicy, but sweet and savory. Has enough of those sushi rice to be filling (or you can opt for noodles instead), and for 9$ its a decent meal. Wouldn't mind adding another one of those meatless katsus into the curry :p

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Crispy cutlet that was well breaded. Curry with a good balance of spice and sweetness

maybe from pumpkin(?).
There was only potatoes in my serving hence the meal felt very carb-loaded together with the white rice.

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A slab of katsu, potato, carrot and rice swimming in a brimming sweet bowl of

curry. Doubt its allium-free though.

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