Homemade Char Siew

by Loving Hut
4.43 (13)
  • Is Homemade Char Siew vegan? Yes! Homemade Char Siew is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Finally we are back again for this dish😋
Love to eat the corner crispy char siew..

can finish the whole plate hahaha 🤣


Gotta five 5/5 for this! My favourite meat dish used to be char siew pork

rice and this is the first time I've had vegan char siew! It's a little bit chewier than the real thing but the taste, texture and appearance is spot on! 😋

Nooo my go to place for celebration is closing soon 😭 please support them before

they closed on 10 May! Decided to finally choose smth different and first time trying the char Siew and I love the sweet and savoury taste of it!! The “skin” was also still crispy! Yummy!

Nice caramelised exterior! However, I would not call this very realistic, as the taste and

texture of the interior were similar to the usual soy/gluten mock meat. ($10)

This didn't differentiate itself much from the usual mock meats. It's also a bit pricy

for just a few thin pieces. Skip it.

Really love this char siew! 2nd time I come back and eat! Must try !!!

Yummy and you will eat non stop!!

Large portions. Well-marinated and good tasting. Good to go with rice or noodles.

Tastes a bit like mock meat! Sweet and savoury and would taste good with rice

Pretty good dish and the marinade for the char siew was bomb too. Would prefer

if they crisped up the skin more as those charred bits at the end were my favourite? Compared to the soggier center.

This dish is incredible! The flavour and texture is spot on. It’s got a nice

sweetness to it but not too sweet and the texture is perfect with some pieces having a crispy edge. I always forget how good this is and then I’m blown away every time! 😋 #abillionturns3

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