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This was INSANE. It tasted exactly like the actual burger from McDonalds!!!! I love the

tartar sauce and the bun was nice and firm, but soft inside. Give this to an omnivore and I swear they wouldnt taste the difference. So good. This might be my favourite burger at Love Handle! 🍔 #veganisnotscary

MY ABSOLUTE FAVE BURGER FROM LOVE HANDLE BURGERS!!! Absolutely legit!!! Bless love handle burgs for

always meeting my junk food needs 🥺❤️

This 🍔 was a little disappointing. The fish fillet didn't really taste fishy or strong

as I expected, though it was fried nice and crispy. It was dry and I added my own aioli, the burger had a sour tinge after that. I did like the pickles in the sauce it could do with a lot more sauce and a more fishy taste. Couldn't taste the vegan cheese that well. Had it with the broccolini which made for a filling meal. #abillionturns3 🍔

Pretty sure the last time i ordered this burger, it was fish fingers. They've since

changed it to fish fillet patties! Still tasted great though, the fish taste was still on point. Will not recommend to those who wanna steer clear of mock meat that resemble the original too closely 😂

//21 Dec 2021

This item is no longer on their menu! I simply found an old pic which

it did not somehow cross my mind to make a review of at the time! Nonetheless, the Filet-O-Fishless burger was amazing. They used ‘fish fingers’ and topped off the burger with vegan cheese as well as a generous slather of vegan mayo. It has the perfect contrast between sweet, savoury and crunchy all in one bite.

Love Handle never disappoints. What amazes me the most was that they started off as a simple vegan burger joint, and then expanded into a full-on deli restaurant with a variety of unique dishes in addition to being the very first vegan butcher in Asia! 🌍 If you are yet to visit this place, do so! I can’t recommend this place enough.

It's rare to find vegan fish so was really excited to try this out! With

the vegan cheese and tartar sauce, it was a lovely substitute and I would happily eat it again. They were really generous with the fish slices too (I think there were 5-6 pieces :O) The burger itself was a bit too big for my appetite!

The bun is soft and fluffy. The tartar sauce is really nice with crunchy pickles

in it, not too sour. They are pretty generous with the fish fingers as well. The cheese didn't really melted but taste good too. Overall, a decent fish burger with good portion.

I didn't like this burger as much as the other ones I've tried from LHB.

The "fish" tasted quite bland and I'm not sure if it was just my order but there wasn't much sauce which made the burger dry. The cheese and bun were still on point but I'd much rather order the Cheeseburger or Ramli next time.

Comes in cute packaging!

I've finally tried Love Handle Burgers after reading so many good reviews. And it lives

up to the hype!

I've really missed the fillet o fish from McDonald's and this hits the spot! The fries was also crisp albeit a bit salty.

It had that classic fishy taste that you get in a fillet o fish burger.

The bun was light and fluffy but the one thing I didn’t like was the cheese. They used violife if I’m not wrong.

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