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Most helpful reviews

first time trying this hakka dish and like it that it’s so colourful and pretty!

Good paring with the shroom toppings. #veganuary

Soft and tender abacus seeds— you can rly taste the yam and sweet potatoes packed

in these oils. The truffle oil was a lovely complement too

Also known as 算盘子🥏! I really enjoyed this starter and we got this just before

our table got filled up with other types of dimsums, so we were able to savour this slowly 🌝 Recommend this if you have a party of at least 3 so that you can share the rainbow🌈🌈 #christmasdimsum #dimsum #veganuary

The three-color abacus with truffles, came with soft and delicious glutinous rice.
purple &

orange (sweet potato) and whitish (yam)
Truffle flavour was a bit mild tho.
Costs SGD10.80.

**please note that majority of their dim sum and those listed here in the app

contains dairy.

Honestly besides the colours and looking pretty. I don’t quite like it. This is my least fav amongst all the abacus I’ve tried. It’s not chewy, not bouncy but a lil hard and definitely no truffle scent at all. 😞

Disclaimer: Photograph does not show the full portion. In terms of taste, I personally felt

that it was yam > purple sweet potato > orange sweet potato. It's almost as if the dish would have been better off with all yam abacus, except for the aesthetics. I kind of wish there had been mock meat like with other vegetarian versions, but this is tasty nonetheless.

Cute little dumplings that’s made of purple sweet potatoes, yellow sweet potatoes and yam. This

is cooked with added new twist - aromatic truffle oil.

🍱 9-Course Family Feast ($88.80 + GST = $95) for my sis’s birthday! On the

oiler side but oh so good & this spread can feed 6 ppl in my family’s opinion :’)

V visibly coated in oil & the truffle flavour is subtle but the texture of the abacus is the perfect balance of soft & chewy!!

Dish is abacus seed, well made. Taste is good, soft yet with good bite, QQ.

The truffle taste is non existent and we barely caught a whiff of truffle. However, based on bite alone, it is well made. Recommend to try if you like yam.

Vegetarian gnocchi Chinese style is the best way to describe this dish. Just the right

mix of flavours, taste is not overpowering and feels healthy!

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